Thursday, September 1, 2011


And the settling continues...

This morning we reviewed some of the routines and expectations that we had not discussed yet...what to do with completed homework, what to do with returned work, etc., etc. During this time, I discussed the importance of reviewing the feedback that I write on their work. They need to see what they did well and what needs to be improved. Additionally, misspelled words will be listed in the margins. Students are expected to correct their work using the correct spellings I provide.

After that I finished modeling the writing of the personal narrative that I began yesterday. Then the students worked with partners to discuss a topic they will write about this afternoon.

In math we reviewed homework expectations and went over yesterday's classwork. Then we reviewed comparing numbers using <, > and =. There is a worksheet for homework.

During our reading block we practiced making connection to the book, Ira Sleeps Over by Bernard Waber. We discussed that good readers naturally make connections without thinking about it and that these connections help readers strengthen their comprehension.

Following art, lunch and recess the students worked on a time capsule worksheet that we will revisit in June, wrote a letter to me and completed a word search. I continued our reading assessments...

Omnce again, we did not get a chance to identify and list class rules...UGH! :-)

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