Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Early Dismissal Wednesday

This morning the students were told which assignments they were missing in reading and were given a chance to catch up while I met with my afternoon reading groups.

Lions: We discussed the Palmville chapter and began reading the Rossi chapter. Then the students finished reading the Rossi chapter independently to find out who Sarah Ida took advantage of and what she did.
Crabs: We identified why The Lunchroom is not a realistic fiction book. WE then discussed/identified the problem and solution in the story.

In math we reviewed using rounding to estimate the solution to word problems. Then the students worked independently on a word problem worksheet a 2 regroupings subtraction worksheet. Mrs. Benson worked with a small group solving subtraction with regrouping problems. I worked with two small groups. My first focused on solving subtraction with regrouping problems. The second group identified the rules of patterns and then used the rule to extend the pattern.

Following lunch, the students prepared for dismissal.

There is NO homework and no school tomorrow due to a religious holiday. WE do have school on Friday!

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