Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday...Halfway there!!! was a MUCH calmer start to our day today!! We seem to be settling down and knowing the routine! YEY!!!!

During our writing lesson, we discussed the purpose of writing (communication) and the need for sensory images to clearly convey our ideas in our writing. Then I told the students that our writing focus this marking period is personal narratives...writing about our personal experiences in a story-telling way. After that, I began modeling a personal narrative about going kneeboarding at Deep Creek Lake.

Next, it was time for math. In math, we reviewed place value up to the hundred thousands. We discussed writing numbers in standard form (58, 314), in expanded form (50,000+8,000+300+10+4) and in word form (fifty-eight thousand, three hundred fourteen). The students were given two follow up worksheets to complete independently but this proved to be a challenge. We will work on this! I am encouraging the students to takes risks and make mistakes...I need to see their mistakes so I can identify their confusions and misconceptions and clarify/reteach as needed!!! Please support me in this effort...tell your child it is okay to let me see their wrong answers!!!

There is a math worksheet for homework!

During reading Mrs. Benson taught a lesson about making connections to our reading, using the book, The Art Lesson. Then the students wrote about their connections in their reading response journals (RRJ). I continued reading assessments at this time.

Following lunch and recess we will have our first class meeting. I began class meetings last year as a way to bring our class community together to celebrate successes and provide suggestions to improve challenges. This was a great tool to unify our class and build student confidence. So, we will continue them this year.

We will end the day by visiting the computer lab. I will introduce Microsoft word and the students will practice opening, closing and saving a document. They will also use spell check.

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