Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Day After!

It was so nice to speak with so many of you at last night's Back to School Night! It is now clear why I have such a great class! :-) Unfortunately, I was up past my bedtime (don't laugh, I go to bed early) so today has been a challenge!

Good news...I have COMPLETED my reading assessments! WOO HOO!!!! It took all morning, though. Mrs. Benson stepped in and kept the instruction going for me. I truly appreciate her efforts.

The students furthered their understanding of realistic fiction by identifying texts as either realistic fiction or fantasy and explaining why. Then they completed a frayer model (a type of graphic organizer) to further cement their learning.

In math, the students rounded three digit numbers to the nearest ten AND hundred. Their homework tonight, though, is a review of ordering numbers.

Following art, lunch and indoor recess, the students received their first scholastic book order forms. YOU DO NOT NEED TO ORDER! But there are often great deals to be had! :-) You can either order online or send the order form and a check, payable to Scholastic Book Clubs, back to school no later than Friday, September 16.

We ended the day by reading a story called The Kingdon with No Rules, No Laws, and No King. We listed what we learned from the story and then the children worked in small groups to create posters of rules they felt we needed in our classroom. THis was a wonderful opportunity for the students to have a voice in our classroom community AND for them to learn how to work well in groups. I was extremely proud of the cooperative learning I witnessed.

After each group shares their rules, we will compile a list of class rules using commonalities that appeared amongst the groups.

Two notes:
We are in need of electric pencil sharpeners...our two no longer work.

I introduced the Issue Bin today. This is a place where students can write me notes, ranging from needing to use the restroom to needing help with work to having friendship issues, when I am busy working with a small group or an individual.

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