Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wet and Soggy Tuesday

Before I get to our day, I want to pass along a discussion that took place this morning...

Many students entered class proudly saying their moms forgot to sign their planner. One students even said my mom never reads my planner. I replied that it is NOT the parents job to read the planner or to remember to sign it. It is the student's job to read the planner and approach their parent with a pen and the planner to get it signed. One child actually replied to this saying, "Well, I never read the planner either."

This concerns me...PLEASE help me...make it your child's responsibility to read their planner AND to get you to sign it (if necessary). As silly as it may sound, there will be consequences for planners not getting signed if it was part of the homework requirement. I am trying to teach the students about responsibilities!!

This morning we defined the plot of a story as the action; the problem the events leading to the solution and the solution. We began reading Brave and Irene and will finish it tomorrow, as well as, identify the plot.

Independent work today included; individual reading group tasks, noun exercise from yesterday, cursive papers (i/t from yesterday, u/w/e from today)and completing their personal narrative rough draft.

Crabs: We reviewed a long list of unknown words from their reading yesterday afternoon. Then we began reading the story together. This afternoon they will read the story on their own and list an /ea/ words in their RRJ. Tonight they need to read the story and get a parent signature in their planner.

I do a lot of rereads to improve fluency!

In math we reviewed subtraction with regrouping using base ten blocks. Given the problem 253 - 117, I emphasized that we HAVE 253 and are taking away 117...that is why we have to start at the top. One of the students (JT) even said, "so if the number on top is smaller, we have to regroup" WOO HOO!!!!! I also showed the students repeatedly that when we regroup we do not change the value, just show it in a different way...kind of like 1 dime = 10 pennies.

While the students worked on a follow up practice worksheet, I met with a small group to practice identifying the rule and completing increasing numeric patterns.

There is a subtraction with regrouping worksheet for homework.

Following PE, lunch and recess I showed the class a photo from the Washington Post that Mr. Vogel had shared with me. This photo was a picture of one of President Obama's speeches that had been marked up and revised with feedback. We discussed the fact that even the President of the United States needs to revise and edit his writing and the importance of feedback in general. It was a great, powerful discussion.

The rest of the class worked on independent work while I met with small groups.

Lions: We practiced orally answering the questions in the back of their book. They then returned to their seats to answer them, in writing, in their RRJ. This morning they also completed an event worksheet that goes with the book.
Bears: We reread the story and discussed character traits to describe grandma. Additionally, we identified evidence from the story to support the traits. In the morning the students completed a vocabulary sheet that goes with their story.
Cheetahs: We read and discussed the story.

Following reading we practiced making and identifying fingerprint patterns in science.

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