Friday, September 23, 2011


Today is officially "finish up Friday"! That was the rule of the day!!

In reading we took our first spelling test. I explained to the students that they need to study all 20 words but I will only choose 10 to use on the test. These have been scored and will be coming home today!

After that, we reviewed the compound word packets. Students checked their own papers and were encouraged to ask questions.

Next students had time to complete any unfinished work from the week.

After our math warm up the students took a quiz. The quizzes have been scored and will be coming home today in home folders.

Following a visit to the media center and the children enjoyed lunch and recess.

Next, we went to the all purpose room to listen to the speeches from the students in fourth and fifth grades who were running for an SGA office. When we returned to class we completed ballots to vote for our next SGA officers. Then we listened to the speeches from our classmates who were running to be class representatives for the SGA. Of course, after listening to the speeches, we voted.

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