Friday, September 9, 2011


The "F" can either stand for Friday or choose!! :-)

We began the day by discussing character traits and how they help readers understand characters and make predictions. Then we shared examples of behaviors and names character traits for each. After that, we read the realistic fiction book called Island Boy and created a class chart indicating character traits and evidence from the book to support each trait.

In math we took a brief quiz so that I could analyze what the students have gained from my teaching and what challenges remain. Then we practiced rounding three digit numbers to the nearest tens and hundreds.

Following a visit to the media center the students will go to lunch and recess. After recess the children will take the MAP-R (measures of academic progress in reading) for the first of three times this year.

This is an electronic assessment which the students will take on a computer. The test is 42 questions long and self adjusts to the individual. Therefore, if a child gets a lot of questions correct, the test will get more challenging and the revers is true, too.

This assessment gives the teacher great information to help plan for instruction. The students take it again in January and May.

We will end the day by examining our class rules charts from yesterday that the students made in small groups. We will look for common threads and create a class list of rules.

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