Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Before I get into our day, I want to apologize. It appears I skipped an entire table when handing out math homework last night. I am so sorry for any undue stress this created! :-)

We began our reading block by reviewing the definition of the plot of a story. Then we read Brave Irene and identified the plot. The students then worked independently on a story map for Brave Irene and identifying complete sentences in our language arts book while I met with a small group.

Cheetahs: We reread Molly's Hard Bargain. We discussed the problem and solution. Then the students wrote about the problem and solution, independently, in their RRJ.

In math we reviewed subtraction with regrouping. SOme students worked independently; others worked in a small group with me. There is a worksheet forhomework.

After math we had a class meeting. We discussed what we should do about students who aren't following directions or completing independent work (due to a lack of effort). The students decided that these children should write notes home to their parents explaining the situation. So, we will be trying this strategy. Let's hope it works!

Following lunch and recess I explained the importnace of having well organized writing. WE discussed and identified in my writing piece, a good beginning, transitions in the middle and a nice ending. Then the students identified these aspects in their own writing pieces by underling and circling using specific colors.

While I worked with a reading group the class worked inpdependently. We had to end eearly so that we could meet with Mrs. Howard and learn about SGA class elections. We finished the day in the computer lab by learning how to import clip art into Word documents.

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