Thursday, September 22, 2011


This morning we read the story Library Lil and identified the plot. AS part of their independent work, the students completed a story map for the book. They also practiced writing the letters l and b in cursive.

Reading Groups:
Cheetahs: We did some word work. We practiced writing some high frequency words on white boards and then took a mini quiz on the words.
Crabs: We finally finished reading Rosie's Story in group and identified the problem and solution in the story. This afternoon they will write about the problem and solution, independently, in their RRJ.

In math we completed an "exit card" so that I could gather data regarding the student's progress in solving subtraction with regrouping problems. Based on that data, I worked with a small group of students who needed more practice.

We also practiced identifying the rule and extending decreasing numeric patterns. Students practiced this skill independently while I met with the small group. There is a pattern worksheet forhomework and we will have a quiz tomorrow.

Following art, lunch and recess students had an opportunity to share their writing, using the ELMO, with the rest of the class. Together, we identified positives aspects of the pieces. Aditionally, I offered advice for revisions.

Reading Groups:
Lions: COmpleted a vocabulary sheet for their reading book. WE will begin new books on Monday.
Bears: We met, briefly, and discussed beginning a new book on Monday.

We will end the day by identifying patterns in the fingerprints we make from our right hand.

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