Monday, September 26, 2011


This morning in our reading block we learned about a new weekly activity called Word of the Week (WOW, from here on out). We will focus on a new word each week to help build our reading and speaking vocabulary. Students will complete a cartoon worksheet each week and periodically they will be quizzed on our WOW words. This week's WOW is strive; to try really hard.

Also, during our reading block we learned about new reading groups. Based on data from the MAP-R (computerized reading test we took a couple of weeks ago) and observations made during reading group meetings, I have made a few changes.

While I met with my morning reading groups, the students identified common and proper nouns, practiced writing h and k in cursive and worked on the WOW cartoon for strive.

Reading Groups
Cheetahs: We practiced reading and writing words from our new book called The Bee Puzzle. Then we read and discussed pages 4-7 in the book. For homework they need to reread pages 4-7.
Bears: We read and discussed the book introduction and author acknowledgements in our new book Different Dragons. Then we talked about the concept of a dragon being a challenge we may face. For example, the author, Jean Little is blind...this is her dragon that she faces as an author. This afternoon, the students will write about a dragon they face, in their RRJ...this will become homework if they do not finish in class.

In math we used rounding to estimate the answers to word problems. We completed a worksheet, together, in class, and it SHOULD be in your child's math section in their binder. We circled key vocabulary words (such as, about = round, how many more = subtract) and noted there mathematical meaning right on the worksheet. I am encouraging students to use this as a tool when they get stuck.

While students worked independently on a similar worksheet, I met with a small group to practice solving 3 digit with regrouping subtraction problems using base ten blocks and white boards.

There is a pattern worksheet for homework.

Following music, lunch and outdoor recess we reviewed the next spelling packet. This packet focuses on the /ea/ spelling pattern and contractions. The packet is due NEXT Friday, October 7.

While the students continued working on independent work, I met with my other two reading groups and we had a fire drill.

Crabs: We reviewed their list of unknown words from earlier today. Then we began reading The Lunchroom, stopping to list events on the board. Tonight they need to read the story and get a parent signature int heir planner.
Lions: We reviewed their lists of unknown words and began reading the chapter called Palmville. As we read we discussed inferences about Sarah Ida's attitude/demeanor. Tonight they need to read the entire chapter and get a parent's signature n their planner.

We ended the day by watching a video about economics. Students learned that economics is the study of how people uses resources to obtain their wants and needs. We began learning about resources, as well.

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