Friday, September 16, 2011


I am back!!! WOO HOO!!!

This morning Mrs. Howard, our guidance counselor, did a great lesson, with the children, about organization. Therefore, our reading block was shortened...a lot! After Mrs. Howard left, the students had about 10 minutes to work on any unfinished work from the week.

We began math by reviewing addition with regrouping. I reminded the students that they MUST show their regrouping (carrying the ones to the tens column, for example) and that it is important that they line up the columns correctly. After that we took a quiz.

Following a visit to the media center, the students enjoyed lunch and recess.

When the students returned to class we compared two pieces of writing on the same topic. We noticed that one piece had more details and painted a clearer picture in the readers mind. Then we identified the sensory images (adjectives) that the author used in his writing.

While I met with my afternoon reading groups, the students completed written reading group assignments in their RRJs. They also finished any unfinished work from the week including the graphic organizer for their next writing piece.

Lions: We discussed their RRJ entries about how Josh changed in the story. Then I modeled a good response. We discussed the elements of my response and how they could make theirs better.
Bears: We assessed their RRJ responses about the problem and solution in their reading group book, together. We identified information necessary to make it a good response.

We ended the day by practicing making finger prints for our crime lab unit in science.

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