Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday...a quick update

I have to leave early today to take of a sick child. SO, this is a very quick update.

In math we completed the unit 1 assessment. Tomorrow we will begin unit 2...linear measurement.

In reading we reread the article from yesterday and charted problems within the article. Then we charted the actions that were taken to solve the problems or, if the problems were not solved, possible solutions. After that we continued sharing paper bag book reports.

Following music, lunch and recess the children will work on their writing and reading groups assignments with Mrs. Hepner and my substitute.

Then, they will end the day with a lesson, presented by Mrs. Howard, about citizenship.

Picture Day is Tuesday. Halloween parades and parties begin at 2 tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hump Day

In math we began talking the unit 1 assessment. We will complete this assessment tomorrow. Please continue to study the review packet.

In reading we read the article, "America the Beautiful" from October's National Geographic. Our purpose for reading the article was to identify problem and solution in non fiction text. We will continue this lesson tomorrow.

After that, we continued sharing the paper bag book reports.

Following PE, lunch and recess we will work on our revising our writing and our final drafts. We will also meet in reading groups.

Just a side note...this week I have been working with many students on their writing. Therefore, reading groups haven't met as regularly or progressed as planned.

Today the reading groups will be working on the assignments that were on yesterday's post.

We will end the day with Mrs. Mollet, our substitute principal, reading Halloween stories to the entire third grade.

Picture day is Tuesday!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Terrific Tuesday!

This morning, in math, we went over each problem in the unit 1 review packet. PLEASE make sure your child uses it to prepare for the assessment which is TOMORROW!!!!!

In reading we continued with our main idea lesson from yesterday. We reread the chart we created that listed our background knowledge and the big ideas from the text. Then we noticed connections within our chart and ideas that "popped out" at us. These we listed on the chart in our "after reading" section. with the use of all three sections on our chart, we were able to identify the main idea.

Next, several students shared their paper bag book reports...again, all were excellent!!!

Then we went to the computer lab where we continued working on word processing skills using Microsoft Word. We practiced changing the font, inserting a picture and using spell check. We also learned how to copy, cut and paste within a document and change the margins.

Following lunch and recess we will work independently and meet in small groups. Many will conference on their personal narrative writing piece with Mrs. Hepner or me, too.

Bears: Reread story and identify the plot elements using post-it notes...a continuation of yesterday's lesson.

Tigers: We will reread up to page 23 and write a prediction in our RRJ...we did not do this yesterday since only one member of this reading group was in class. :-)

Lions: Will finish their RRJ from yesterday and meet in group to discuss the changes in the book.

TO end our day, we will review social studies vocabulary that we have used so far this year, and identify examples of the terms from THe Big Green Pocketbook.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Magical Monday

Why is today magical? Well, I am hoping for a big win tonight! So...we need some magic!!!

In math we worked on the review packet for the unit 1 assessment. Tonight, for homework, the students need to complete the packet. We will review the packet, as a class, tomorrow. Use it to study for the assessment on Wednesday.

We began reading by reading From Father to Son and discussing how to identify the main idea. I modeled stopping every couple of pages and thinking about that the big ideas were. Then I charted those ideas. Tomorrow we will use our background knowledge and the big ideas from the book to come up with the main idea.

Then we shared some of the spectacular paper bag book reports. We will continue to share these tomorrow, as well.

Following art, lunch and recess we will work on reading group activities and writing personal narratives. Then we will go to a cultural arts assembly about Benjamin Franklin.

Bears: We will reread the story and identify plot elements, in the book, using post-it notes.

Tigers: We will reread up to page 23 and write a prediction in RRJ.

Lions: Read chapter 14 and write about how Ben has changed, in RRJ.

Please look for parent conference confirmation letters this week. You will be meeting with your child's READING teacher.

Friday, October 23, 2009


Please do not forget that all Paper Bag Book Reports are due Monday! We may not have time for all students to share on Monday but they are need to be turned in!

In math we took our final quiz for unit 1. We will begin a review packet on Monday. The packet will be completed and reviewed in class on Tuesday. It will come home Tuesday night for students to study in preparation for the assessment on Wednesday. You can get a head start by reviewing the quiz with your child this weekend. It is in his/her binder.

In reading we discussed "Catch Up Friday". From this week forward, I will not assign new work on Fridays (well, I will TRY not too) and students will have this time to finish any unfinished work that they have piled up from the week. We also reviewed the expectations for peer conferencing. Additionally, I modeled the capital letters I and J.

After that, the students worked independently on a variety of activities that were assigned earlier in the week and remained unfinished. Of course, I met with reading groups and Mrs. Hepner helped students with their writing.

In between, we went to the media center, lunch and recess.

Bears: We began a new book by reviewing vocabulary and practicing words on white boards. Then we did our first reading of the story.

Tigers: Finished writing about the plot. We will also begin a new book, The Wednesday Surprise, by Eve Bunting. Today we will preview the text and write questions we have in our RRJ.

Lions: We will read chapter 14 and discuss who gets the children help and the meaning of the title of the book.

After reading, those who completed all of their homework will celebrate Fun Friday.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Word Study Words!

In math we practiced making line plots and determining the median (middle value), mode (most often occurring value) and range (difference between the greatest and least value). Then we worked on creating line graphs. For homework the students need to take class data and create a line plot and identify the median, mode and range.

In reading the students chose ten new word study words with the /ea/ spelling pattern. We also carefully reviewed and highlighted important parts of the writing rubric that I use to score their pieces. Students also had a chance to complete their rough drafts, finish their thank you notes (from last week!) and do their determining importance worksheet.

Following music, lunch and recess the students will continue to work on the above, independently. They will also work on their writing with Mrs. Hepner and meet in reading groups with me.

Bears: Will write about the lesson in the story in their RRJ.

Tigers: We will review the plot and write key words on white boards. They will use the white boards to help them write about the plot in their RRJ.

Lions: Read chapters 12 and 13 and respond to a BCR prompt (on their novel schedule) in their RRJ.

We will end the day by breaking down goods and services into production equations.

BOOK REPORTS are due MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hump Day

This morning, in math, we used data to create a line plot and to determine the median (middle value), mode (most frequently occurring value) and range( greatest value subtract least value). For homework there is a subtraction worksheet. We will have a quiz on Friday and our unit 1 assessment will take place towards the end of next week. Look for a review packet on Tuesday.

We began reading by finishing Whale Rap and listing the important information that was discovered in the text. Then the students sorted their -ea words according to the sound that the pattern made in the word. Finally, we complied a class list. Tomorrow students will choose words for their individual lists.

Following PE, lunch and recess we will work independently and in small groups.

As part of their independent work, the students chose a book to preview. Then they thought of 2-3 questions about the book. After that, they read the book and identified important and interesting information from the book.

Also, the students continued working on their writing with Mrs. Hepner. Those who were finished with their rough draft circled 3-5 transition words and starred any powerful words in their rough draft.

Bears: Reread their book and discussed the message in the story. Tomorrow they will write about the message and use support from the text.

Tigers: Worked on writing about the plot in their RRJ. When they got to small group it was apparent that identifying the problem and events was a struggle. We discussed some of the plot but tomorrow we will continue to discuss the plot (as opposed to a retell). Then the students will rewrite their BCR in their RRJ.

Lions: Reread chapter 10 and read chapter 11. They completed a vocabulary activity independently. When they came to small group we discussed the irony in the story.

We ended the day by reviewing natural, human and capital resources. Then we broke down some goods into a production equation. For example: A ring = gold and diamonds + jeweler+ special tools. The students will complete a production equation worksheet in class tomorrow.

Remember that book reports are due on MONDAY! Tomorrow is boot day for Red Ribbon Week!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Terrific Tuesday! today was hat day not boot day...OOPS! Thursday is boot day and tomorrow is "Team Up Against Drugs", so students are encouraged to wear team jerseys...and yes, I WILL wear a Redskins jersey...I am not a fair weather fan...I love my Skins no matter what!!!!

In math we continued to analyze data to answer questions. I also met with a small group to continue working on three digit subtraction with regrouping. For homework the students have two is unfinished work from class (either subtraction or data analysis...depends on which group the students were working with) and the other is data analysis.

We began reading by discussing the difference between important information and interesting facts. Important information, within text, are facts that directly respond to the purpose for reading. For example, if you are reading a book to find out how many babies polar bears can give birth to at one time, the ONLY important information is the answer to that question. Any other facts become interesting information (or facts) at this time. Facts in text can change between important information and interesting facts depending upon the purpose for reading.

We began reading, as a group, a book called Whale Rap. Before we began reading the book, though, we did a picture walk and identified 5 questions we have prior to reading. These became our purpose for reading and ONLY information that pertained to those questions was identified as important information. Other facts we came across were noted as interesting facts.

After that, the class headed to the computer lab. We spent time learning about working with documents on the computer. We practiced minimizing, hiding and closing documents. We also opened a document in Word and practiced changing the size, style and color of the font. Additionally, we learned how to import and change the size and location of pictures in our document. The students seemed to enjoy this lesson and they definitely learned A LOT! My goal is to eventually have them publishing their own writing on the computer.

Following lunch and recess we will listen to a guest speaker for Red Ribbon Week. Then we will continue with reading by meeting in small groups and working independently.

Bears: We will reread the story and the students will mark places in the book that demonstrate the family being kind. After that they will answer the question in their RRJ...Why are they the kindest family?

Tigers: We will finish reading the story and identify question s we have during and after our reading. Then we will choose a question to respond to in our RRJ.

Lions: Will reread chapter 8 and 9. They will add an event to their story map and mark selected portions in the text. In group we will discuss the irony in these sections.

Book Reports are due MONDAY, OCTOBER 26....

Monday, October 19, 2009

Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week...the reminder for students to say NO to drugs...began today! Today was wear read day...tomorrow the children are asked to wear boots to "stomp Out Drugs".

This morning, in math, we reviewed items from the quiz that presented challenges for many students. We also practiced using data from three charts to answer questions. For example, which pizza place sold the most pizza on Tuesday and Wednesday? There is an estimation story problem worksheet for homework.

I have also noticed an overwhelming need for students to memorize the basic addition and subtraction facts. I have links to some web sites on this blog that the students can use for practice. You can also help your child make flashcards. The more facts they have memorized, the easier all other aspects of math instruction will become!!!

Prior to art, lunch and recess we continued reading Polar Bears. The students wrote questions during and after our reading. We shared their questions and discussed how recognizing our questions helps us to focus on and become more interested in the text and therefore, increase our comprehension.

After that, I continued modeling the writing of a rough draft that included transition words. When I was finished, students identified transition words within my written piece. Then they went back to their own rough drafts, with table partners, and circled transition words in their own writing.

This afternoon the students will work on reading group assignments, writing their rough drafts and locating words with the-ea spelling pattern (sound doesn't matter). Later in the week we will wort these -ea words according to the sound the pattern makes in each word.

Lions: Will read chapter 7, list 3 things that Ben fears and add an event to their story map.

Tigers: Will finish reading their story and write questions they have on post-it notes.

Bears: We will continue reading the story and writing questions as we read. We will also answer a question in our RRJ.

We will end the day with a social studies lesson. Students will identify a community worker and write about the good/serviceit provides and the resources needed to do their job.

Please check planners for homework...I am trying not to assign too much due to the Book Report due NEXT Monday...but any reading group assignements will be in there.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


It might be Thursday in the real world...but in the school system it is a FRIDAY!!!! No school tomorrow!

In math we took our fifth quiz for unit 1. It is scored and in your child's binder. Please review it with them over the weekend. I am seeing some of the same mistakes over and over again!

We got a lot done in reading! First, we practice recognizing our questions (things we are thinking about) before and during the reading of non-fiction text. This skill helps us focus on our reading and develop a deeper understanding of what we have read.

Then, in writing, I continued modeling my writing of a rough draft using the graphic organizer I had developed in front of the class. As I wrote, I included transition words to connect my ideas and make my writing flow smoothly. Then the students looked for transition words in chapter books. WE shared the transition words that they found and began a class list.

Following music, lunch and recess we will meet in small groups and work independently. The children will finish their writing graphic organizer and begin a rough draft. They will also work on their thank you letter for our visitor yesterday.

Bears: Will meet with me and begin reading a new book. FIrst, we will practice writing some key words on white boards. Then we will list questions we have prior to reading the text. Finally, we will write questions that come up while reading the text.

Tigers: They will preview their new book and write down any unknown words. We will share these in group and then list questions we have prior to reading. After that, we will begin reading the sotry and list questions we have.

Lions: Will read chapter 6 and complete a Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting Ben and Hanna. In group we will share the Venn Diagram and reread page 50 to check for textual evidence.

We will end the day with Fun Friday on Thursday!

Red Ribbon week is NEXT week...wear red on Monday! The Homeless Walk is next Friday...please return signed pink forms!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

An Exciting Surprise!!!

In math we practiced reading double bar graphs. Then the students worked on creating another single bar graph while I met with a small group to work on subtracting three digit numbers. For homework students are expected to finish their bar graph and the subtraction worksheet from yesterday. There will be a quiz tomorrow and it will require the construction of a single bar graph.

During reading the entire third grade was honored with a visit by a published children's author, Mrs. Joan Wyatt. She happens to be a family friend of a student in my homeroom. When I found out she was in Damascus, visiting from England, I asked if she could pop in and discuss her experience as a writer. Within an hour, she arrived!!!

It was a wonderful, enriching experience for our children! I was thrilled that she agreed to come talk to our grade with no preparation time...literally I got an e-mail at 9:30 and by 11:15 she was speaking with our students!!! How lucky!!!

Following PE, lunch and recess the students returned to class to work on reading group assignments, their writing graphic organizers and some other language arts activities. I met with reading groups and Mrs. Hepner worked with students on their writing.

Bears: Reviewed contractions and identified examples in Jonathan Buys a Present. Then separated the contractions into the two original words.

Tigers: Identify clues to the mood in Trip to Freedom with post it notes. Then we will compare and contrast the mood changes from Vietnam to America.

Lions: Reread chapters 4 &5 draw a picture of how Ben sees Gully...use the textual clues to help! We will then discuss the two problems that tie into the theme and add them to our story map.

We will end the day by using our results from yesterdays chromatography experiment to identify the pen used in a crime!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


In math the students created a bar graph that required a scale which skip counted by 25's. They also worked on a subtraction worksheet and used a calculator to check their answers. WHile they worked independently, I met with two small groups. One worked on numeric patterns, while the other spent time solving three digit subtraction problems. There is a graphing worksheet for homework.

TOday is our LONG reading block...and boy, did we get a LOT done!!!! THe students really buckled down and worked hard. I was very proud of them!!!

To begin, as a whole group, we reviewed the places we marked with an "S" (same or a "D" (different) in Race tot he South Pole. As part oftheir independent work, the students then used these marking to complete a Venn Diagram (type of graphic organizer) to compare and contract Robert Scott and Roald Amundsen's journeys.

In writing I modeled, through thinking aloud, how to pick a topic for a personal narrative. I then modeled creating a graphic organizer. The students will be copleting their graphic organizers for independent work.

As the students worked independently on the above assignments, along with reading group work and any unfinished work, I met with reading groups. WE also took a break for lunch and recess.

Bears: WE reread Jonathan Buys a Present. Then the students marked the problem, events and solution with post-it notes in the book. Finally, with some help from me, they used the post-it notes to write about the plot in their RRJ.

Tigers: They received a new book and previewed it prior to meeting with me. When we meet we will review any unknown words and read the book together. They need to reread it for homework.

Lions: Read chapter 3 and added an event to their story map. They also completed a vocabulary activity independently. When we neet in group we will discuss the quote, If at first you don't succeed..." We will also begin reading chapter 4. Students will need to read chpaters 4&5 for homework.

We will end the day by running chromatoraphy tests on different markers. TOmorrow we will use the results to "solve" a crime.

Remember that Book Reports are due MONDAY, OCTOBER 26!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Parent Open House

It was great to see so many parents this morning at our Annual Open House.

During our math warm up it became clear that the students needed additional instruction on regrouping when there is a zero in the tens column. So we spent some time, using white boards, going over two strategies that can be used to solve those types of problems. After that, I modeled the construction of a bar graph that required a scale which skip counted by 25. Unfortunately, this did not leave any time for independent work or small group instruction. Tomorrow students will construct a bar graph on their own while I meet with small groups. There is a graphing worksheet for homework.

Our whole group reading lesson used the book Race to the South Pole to compare and contrast the journeys of Robert Scott and Roald Amundsen. Today the children used post it notes to locate and label information that was the same and different for the two explorers. Tomorrow they will be charting those facts onto a Venn Diagram.

This week in writing the students will begin a new personal narrative. So I read the book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day to the class. We discussed that although this wasn't a personal narrative for me, it could be one for Alexander. I used this story to model the creation of a new graphic organizer for writing. This afternoon, as part of their independent work, the students will choose a new topic and begin a graphic organizer.

Following art, lunch and recess I will meet with reading groups and Mrs. Hepner will continue helping the students with their writing.

Bears: We will answer comprehension questions by locating information in the text and writing answers in our RRJ.

Tigers: Will answer the question in their RRJ: Do you think Henry enjoyed his journey? How do you know? The emphasis will be on using the text to answer and support the "how do you know" part of the question.

Lions: Will read chapter 2 and complete parts of a story map.

We will end the day by identifying additional goods and services in The Big Green Pocketbook. We will also discuss the concept of insurance.

PLEASE remember that Paper Bag Book Reports are due in two weeks...October 26!!! This needs to be part of your child's daily homework!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009


Wow! It has been a very productive week. I think we are all ready for the weekend!

In math we took our fourth quiz for unit 1. It is scored and in your child's binder.

We finished reading Race to the South Pole in reading today. We also continued to identify examples of cause and effect within the book. Then the students finished their final drafts of their personal narrative, read Frightful Animals and completed the follow up worksheet. Mrs. Hepner continued helping students with their writing pieces and their RRJ assignments while I met with reading groups.

Bears: Worked on final drafts and Frightened Animals with Mrs. Hepner.

Tigers: Discussed the plot in group with me and then wrote about the plot in their RRJ.

Lions: Read and discussed chapter 1. Discussed the information we gained from the selected quotes. Some began reading chapter 2.

At the end of the day the students who had completed all homework assignments this week enjoyed Fun Friday. Unfortunately, there was a large crowd who stayed in to complete missing homework assignments.

Book orders were due today but I gave students until Monday to turn them in.

See you at the Octoberfest on Sunday!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


In math this morning we created bar graphs that required the use of a scale that counted by tens. I also met with students, in a small group, to practice subtracting 3 digit numbers. There is a pictograph worksheet for homework and we will have a quiz tomorrow.

In reading we reviewed the concept of cause and effect by discussing examples from stories we have read in class. Then we began reading a non-fiction book, Race to the South Pole, and identifying examples of cause and effect. We will continue this tomorrow.

For writing, the children worked on their topic lists for personal narratives. We shared our topics aloud and practiced making sure they were not too broad.

Following music, lunch and recess the students will listen to a presentation from Fannie Mae representatives about our upcoming Homeless Walk. Then we will continue with small group reading and writing instruction.

Bears: We will continue locating answers to questions in the text using post-it notes. Then we will practice writing answers to the questions in our RRJ.

Tigers: We will finish reading Hot-Air Henry and share the places we labeled the story elements. Then we will write about the plot in our RRJ.

Lions: WE will discuss Jean Little's disability and read chapter 1. We will also discuss the characters, setting and problem.

Remember that book orders are due tomorrow!
The Octoberfest is Sunday!
PLEASE sign and return the pink Homeless Walk do not have to send money but we are hoping all students will return the signed pink form!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hump Day!!!

In math we continued reviewing three digit subtraction. We also took the data from our pictograph that we created yesterday and created a bar graph and a data table. I emphasized that all three graphs showed the exact same data and used the same title and labels. Tonight for homework the students need to complete a graph showing our classes favorite ice cream flavors. The data is shown on a chart on the back of the graph worksheet. But, just in case, here is the data....

Chocolate: 5 students
Vanilla: 2 students
Cookies N' Cream: 8 students
Bubble Gum: 5 students

At the beginning of reading I assigned a Paper Bag Book Report that is due October 26. The assignment is in your child's home folder. PLEASE look it over and sign the bottom of the paper. I need the bottom section cut off and returned to me tomorrow.

After that I share a word choice poster that gave examples of boring verbs and alternative "powerful" verbs that could be used instead. Then the students worked in groups to find more "powerful verbs". The groups made charts and shared their findings with the class.

Following PE, lunch and recess the students worked on their final draft of the writing piece and an illustration to go with it. They also received a new National Geographic and a follow-up worksheet that most will complete tomorrow, in class. I met with reading groups.

Bears: We reviewed the suffixes and reread Jordan's Lucky Day. Then I asked the group a question. The students had to locate the answer, within the text, and label it with a post-it note. Finally, we wrote an answer, to the question, together, in their RRJ. WE will continue this tomorrow. Tonight they need to reread the story.

Tigers: Half of their group was out today (no NOT the flu...various reasons) so we did a reread of the story. They need to finish the reread for homework tonight.

Lions: We reviewed their written homework assignments. They were well I shared what I thought was GREAT about their hopes that they will continue doing what they did well! Then I passed out the novel schedule for Different Dragons and they put it in their binder. For homework they need to read the article about Jean Little, the author, and underline her disability and what she does to conquer it!

Finally, we ended the day with a forensics video in Mr. Vogel's room. orders are due FRIDAY! The Octoberfest is Sunday from 12-4!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This morning, in math, we reviewed subtraction with three digit numbers and paid specific attention to issues Mrs. Starkey and I had noticed in observing the children's work. Then we created a pictograph that displayed the students' birth months. There is a subtraction worksheet for homework.

In reading we reviewed text features and how they help us understand non-fiction text. We also corrected the punctuation and capitalization of a letter I wrote, as a class. After making the corrections we charted specific generalizations such as, put a period at the end of a telling sentence and use a period at the end of an abbreviation, etc.

After that, the students worked independently on text features follow-up worksheets and practicing the letters C, E and Q in cursive. I began meeting with reading groups prior to lunch. Following lunch and recess, Mrs. Hepner will give the entire class instructions about writing the final drafts of their personal narrative and then I will continue meeting with reading groups.

Bears: We reread One Birthday, Two Traditions and then began a new book called Jordan's Lucky Day. Tonight they need to reread the beginning of the book and chart words with -ed and-ing endings in their RRJs.

Tigers: We will reread Hot Air Henry and use post-it notes to identify story elements within the text. Tonight they need to reread the story and retell the story in three to four sentences, making sure they include the beginning, middle and end.

Lions: Completed a vocabulary assessment for The Secret. Received new book - Different Dragons. We read the introduction and discussed that the dragon is actually a symbol of a fear. Tonight in their RRJ they need to write about their own dragon (fear) that they battle.

We will end the day with a social studies lesson. We will begin charting goods and services mentioned in The Big Green Pocketbook.

Remember that 4 word study homework assignments are due this Friday.

Also, the DES Octoberfest is THIS Sunday!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday...a beautiful start to the week!

In math we reviewed some challenges from the quiz on Friday. We spent time writing numbers in standard form when given the expanded form. We also practiced solving three digit subtraction problems with multiple regroupings. We began by working in a whole group using white boards. Then some students returned to their seats to work independently while I met with a small group at the back table. All students need to finish the worksheet for homework.

During our whole group reading lesson we reviewed some text features that are commonly see in non-fction text. Then we used the book Life in the Rain Forest to identify text features and their use on a chart. As part of their independent work the children will choose a non-fiction book and work on a similar chart.

In writing we discussed the importance of word choice in regards to getting the picture we, as writers, have in our head, into the head of our readers. For example, instead of I have a pretty is better to say I have a lilac colored dress with sequins on the bottom.

Then the students got into small groups and given a bland word (such as; go, said, good...) they used books to discover other words that authors use instead. In their groups the children began creating posters of these new words. For example, the group who had the word said found exclaimed, called and yelled.

Following art, lunch and recess the students will work in reading groups, work on their writing with Mrs. Hepner and work independently on reading and writing assignments.

Bears: We will begin reading a new book and practice high frequency words and new vocabulary from this book. They need to practice reading the book this evening.

Tigers: We will bnegin a new book, Hot Air Henry. THe students will read the book and mark the story elements with a sticky note. They will reread the story for homework.

Lions: I was hoping to begin a new novel, Different Dragons, but was a bit disappointed with their RRJ entries from last week where they were supposed to exaplin what they thought the author's message was in the book. So we are going to review the answers that the students wrote and, as a group, improve upon these responses. Then the students will rewrite their own responses for a score.

ALL GROUPS...word study homework is due that is part of their homework each day this week!!!!

We will end the day with a social studies lesson. I will read the story Big Green Pocketbook and, as a class, we will identify goods and services in the story.

Friday, October 2, 2009


In math we took our third quiz. It has been scored and should be in your child's math section of the binder. Please look it over but keep it in the binder. I have gathered a lot of information from the quizzes for some reteaching and small groups next week. That's what it is all about!!! :-)

In reading we sorted /er/ words according to the spelling of the /er/ sound. The children also chose 10 words for their personal word study lists. These lists can be found in their planners for next week, as well as, their word study journals.

After that the students went to the media center and lunch. When they return we will have an indoor recess type of Fun Friday and then the students will be dismissed...not me, though...I have meetings all afternoon!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Remember that tomorrow is an early dismissal day. Students will be released at 1:05.

In math we continued working on subtracting two digit numbers when regrouping is required. I also worked with a small group on identifying and continuing numeric patterns. There is a worksheet for homework and we will have a quiz tomorrow.

In reading we read Strega Nona and identified words that had the /er/ SOUND. We got a late start on our word study lesson this week. I am hoping that students will get to pick their words tomorrow but since it is an early release day, I am not sure how successful we will be. I will keep you posted through the blog! Then we identified the steps for peer conferencing for our writing pieces. A student and I began modeling this process as well.

Following music, lunch and recess we met with small groups and worked independently. Mrs. Hepner continued conferencing with students about their writing pieces. When not working on their rough drafts or reading assignments, the students practiced writing the capital A, O and D in cursive. They also searched for words with the ?er? sound and wrote them on sticky notes. We will eventually sort these words according to the spelling of the /er/ sound.

Lions: Read chapter 3 out loud and discussed the use of an inhaler. Then they made a prediction as to what will happen next in the story. Then they read chapter 4. For homework they are to read chapter 5 and write, in their RRJ, about what they think the author's message was in the story.

Tigers: After reading and scoring their written assignments about the plot in Galimoto I decided to model an example of a "good" written response. We discussed the importance of using the book for help and making sure that the problem, events and solution are included. Tonight they need to reread Galimoto and make a list of 10 words with the /er/ sound from the book in their RRJ.

Bears: Reread Rex plays Fetch for homework. THey spent a majority of their time in class working on their writing with Mrs. Hepner.

We are ending the day with a lesson about organization with Mrs. Howard.

I am sending home a new SCholastic book and computer club order form. They are due back by NEXT Friday, October 9. Remember you can fill out the order form and return it to school with a check payable to Scholastic or you can order on line.

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