Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This morning, in math, we reviewed subtraction with three digit numbers and paid specific attention to issues Mrs. Starkey and I had noticed in observing the children's work. Then we created a pictograph that displayed the students' birth months. There is a subtraction worksheet for homework.

In reading we reviewed text features and how they help us understand non-fiction text. We also corrected the punctuation and capitalization of a letter I wrote, as a class. After making the corrections we charted specific generalizations such as, put a period at the end of a telling sentence and use a period at the end of an abbreviation, etc.

After that, the students worked independently on text features follow-up worksheets and practicing the letters C, E and Q in cursive. I began meeting with reading groups prior to lunch. Following lunch and recess, Mrs. Hepner will give the entire class instructions about writing the final drafts of their personal narrative and then I will continue meeting with reading groups.

Bears: We reread One Birthday, Two Traditions and then began a new book called Jordan's Lucky Day. Tonight they need to reread the beginning of the book and chart words with -ed and-ing endings in their RRJs.

Tigers: We will reread Hot Air Henry and use post-it notes to identify story elements within the text. Tonight they need to reread the story and retell the story in three to four sentences, making sure they include the beginning, middle and end.

Lions: Completed a vocabulary assessment for The Secret. Received new book - Different Dragons. We read the introduction and discussed that the dragon is actually a symbol of a fear. Tonight in their RRJ they need to write about their own dragon (fear) that they battle.

We will end the day with a social studies lesson. We will begin charting goods and services mentioned in The Big Green Pocketbook.

Remember that 4 word study homework assignments are due this Friday.

Also, the DES Octoberfest is THIS Sunday!!!

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