Thursday, October 15, 2009


It might be Thursday in the real world...but in the school system it is a FRIDAY!!!! No school tomorrow!

In math we took our fifth quiz for unit 1. It is scored and in your child's binder. Please review it with them over the weekend. I am seeing some of the same mistakes over and over again!

We got a lot done in reading! First, we practice recognizing our questions (things we are thinking about) before and during the reading of non-fiction text. This skill helps us focus on our reading and develop a deeper understanding of what we have read.

Then, in writing, I continued modeling my writing of a rough draft using the graphic organizer I had developed in front of the class. As I wrote, I included transition words to connect my ideas and make my writing flow smoothly. Then the students looked for transition words in chapter books. WE shared the transition words that they found and began a class list.

Following music, lunch and recess we will meet in small groups and work independently. The children will finish their writing graphic organizer and begin a rough draft. They will also work on their thank you letter for our visitor yesterday.

Bears: Will meet with me and begin reading a new book. FIrst, we will practice writing some key words on white boards. Then we will list questions we have prior to reading the text. Finally, we will write questions that come up while reading the text.

Tigers: They will preview their new book and write down any unknown words. We will share these in group and then list questions we have prior to reading. After that, we will begin reading the sotry and list questions we have.

Lions: Will read chapter 6 and complete a Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting Ben and Hanna. In group we will share the Venn Diagram and reread page 50 to check for textual evidence.

We will end the day with Fun Friday on Thursday!

Red Ribbon week is NEXT week...wear red on Monday! The Homeless Walk is next Friday...please return signed pink forms!

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