Friday, October 23, 2009


Please do not forget that all Paper Bag Book Reports are due Monday! We may not have time for all students to share on Monday but they are need to be turned in!

In math we took our final quiz for unit 1. We will begin a review packet on Monday. The packet will be completed and reviewed in class on Tuesday. It will come home Tuesday night for students to study in preparation for the assessment on Wednesday. You can get a head start by reviewing the quiz with your child this weekend. It is in his/her binder.

In reading we discussed "Catch Up Friday". From this week forward, I will not assign new work on Fridays (well, I will TRY not too) and students will have this time to finish any unfinished work that they have piled up from the week. We also reviewed the expectations for peer conferencing. Additionally, I modeled the capital letters I and J.

After that, the students worked independently on a variety of activities that were assigned earlier in the week and remained unfinished. Of course, I met with reading groups and Mrs. Hepner helped students with their writing.

In between, we went to the media center, lunch and recess.

Bears: We began a new book by reviewing vocabulary and practicing words on white boards. Then we did our first reading of the story.

Tigers: Finished writing about the plot. We will also begin a new book, The Wednesday Surprise, by Eve Bunting. Today we will preview the text and write questions we have in our RRJ.

Lions: We will read chapter 14 and discuss who gets the children help and the meaning of the title of the book.

After reading, those who completed all of their homework will celebrate Fun Friday.

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