Monday, October 26, 2009

Magical Monday

Why is today magical? Well, I am hoping for a big win tonight! So...we need some magic!!!

In math we worked on the review packet for the unit 1 assessment. Tonight, for homework, the students need to complete the packet. We will review the packet, as a class, tomorrow. Use it to study for the assessment on Wednesday.

We began reading by reading From Father to Son and discussing how to identify the main idea. I modeled stopping every couple of pages and thinking about that the big ideas were. Then I charted those ideas. Tomorrow we will use our background knowledge and the big ideas from the book to come up with the main idea.

Then we shared some of the spectacular paper bag book reports. We will continue to share these tomorrow, as well.

Following art, lunch and recess we will work on reading group activities and writing personal narratives. Then we will go to a cultural arts assembly about Benjamin Franklin.

Bears: We will reread the story and identify plot elements, in the book, using post-it notes.

Tigers: We will reread up to page 23 and write a prediction in RRJ.

Lions: Read chapter 14 and write about how Ben has changed, in RRJ.

Please look for parent conference confirmation letters this week. You will be meeting with your child's READING teacher.

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