Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hump Day!!!

In math we continued reviewing three digit subtraction. We also took the data from our pictograph that we created yesterday and created a bar graph and a data table. I emphasized that all three graphs showed the exact same data and used the same title and labels. Tonight for homework the students need to complete a graph showing our classes favorite ice cream flavors. The data is shown on a chart on the back of the graph worksheet. But, just in case, here is the data....

Chocolate: 5 students
Vanilla: 2 students
Cookies N' Cream: 8 students
Bubble Gum: 5 students

At the beginning of reading I assigned a Paper Bag Book Report that is due October 26. The assignment is in your child's home folder. PLEASE look it over and sign the bottom of the paper. I need the bottom section cut off and returned to me tomorrow.

After that I share a word choice poster that gave examples of boring verbs and alternative "powerful" verbs that could be used instead. Then the students worked in groups to find more "powerful verbs". The groups made charts and shared their findings with the class.

Following PE, lunch and recess the students worked on their final draft of the writing piece and an illustration to go with it. They also received a new National Geographic and a follow-up worksheet that most will complete tomorrow, in class. I met with reading groups.

Bears: We reviewed the suffixes and reread Jordan's Lucky Day. Then I asked the group a question. The students had to locate the answer, within the text, and label it with a post-it note. Finally, we wrote an answer, to the question, together, in their RRJ. WE will continue this tomorrow. Tonight they need to reread the story.

Tigers: Half of their group was out today (no NOT the flu...various reasons) so we did a reread of the story. They need to finish the reread for homework tonight.

Lions: We reviewed their written homework assignments. They were well I shared what I thought was GREAT about their hopes that they will continue doing what they did well! Then I passed out the novel schedule for Different Dragons and they put it in their binder. For homework they need to read the article about Jean Little, the author, and underline her disability and what she does to conquer it!

Finally, we ended the day with a forensics video in Mr. Vogel's room. orders are due FRIDAY! The Octoberfest is Sunday from 12-4!!

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