Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Terrific Tuesday!

OK...so today was hat day not boot day...OOPS! Thursday is boot day and tomorrow is "Team Up Against Drugs", so students are encouraged to wear team jerseys...and yes, I WILL wear a Redskins jersey...I am not a fair weather fan...I love my Skins no matter what!!!!

In math we continued to analyze data to answer questions. I also met with a small group to continue working on three digit subtraction with regrouping. For homework the students have two worksheets...one is unfinished work from class (either subtraction or data analysis...depends on which group the students were working with) and the other is data analysis.

We began reading by discussing the difference between important information and interesting facts. Important information, within text, are facts that directly respond to the purpose for reading. For example, if you are reading a book to find out how many babies polar bears can give birth to at one time, the ONLY important information is the answer to that question. Any other facts become interesting information (or facts) at this time. Facts in text can change between important information and interesting facts depending upon the purpose for reading.

We began reading, as a group, a book called Whale Rap. Before we began reading the book, though, we did a picture walk and identified 5 questions we have prior to reading. These became our purpose for reading and ONLY information that pertained to those questions was identified as important information. Other facts we came across were noted as interesting facts.

After that, the class headed to the computer lab. We spent time learning about working with documents on the computer. We practiced minimizing, hiding and closing documents. We also opened a document in Word and practiced changing the size, style and color of the font. Additionally, we learned how to import and change the size and location of pictures in our document. The students seemed to enjoy this lesson and they definitely learned A LOT! My goal is to eventually have them publishing their own writing on the computer.

Following lunch and recess we will listen to a guest speaker for Red Ribbon Week. Then we will continue with reading by meeting in small groups and working independently.

Bears: We will reread the story and the students will mark places in the book that demonstrate the family being kind. After that they will answer the question in their RRJ...Why are they the kindest family?

Tigers: We will finish reading the story and identify question s we have during and after our reading. Then we will choose a question to respond to in our RRJ.

Lions: Will reread chapter 8 and 9. They will add an event to their story map and mark selected portions in the text. In group we will discuss the irony in these sections.

Book Reports are due MONDAY, OCTOBER 26....

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