Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Word Study Words!

In math we practiced making line plots and determining the median (middle value), mode (most often occurring value) and range (difference between the greatest and least value). Then we worked on creating line graphs. For homework the students need to take class data and create a line plot and identify the median, mode and range.

In reading the students chose ten new word study words with the /ea/ spelling pattern. We also carefully reviewed and highlighted important parts of the writing rubric that I use to score their pieces. Students also had a chance to complete their rough drafts, finish their thank you notes (from last week!) and do their determining importance worksheet.

Following music, lunch and recess the students will continue to work on the above, independently. They will also work on their writing with Mrs. Hepner and meet in reading groups with me.

Bears: Will write about the lesson in the story in their RRJ.

Tigers: We will review the plot and write key words on white boards. They will use the white boards to help them write about the plot in their RRJ.

Lions: Read chapters 12 and 13 and respond to a BCR prompt (on their novel schedule) in their RRJ.

We will end the day by breaking down goods and services into production equations.

BOOK REPORTS are due MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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