Tuesday, October 13, 2009


In math the students created a bar graph that required a scale which skip counted by 25's. They also worked on a subtraction worksheet and used a calculator to check their answers. WHile they worked independently, I met with two small groups. One worked on numeric patterns, while the other spent time solving three digit subtraction problems. There is a graphing worksheet for homework.

TOday is our LONG reading block...and boy, did we get a LOT done!!!! THe students really buckled down and worked hard. I was very proud of them!!!

To begin, as a whole group, we reviewed the places we marked with an "S" (same or a "D" (different) in Race tot he South Pole. As part oftheir independent work, the students then used these marking to complete a Venn Diagram (type of graphic organizer) to compare and contract Robert Scott and Roald Amundsen's journeys.

In writing I modeled, through thinking aloud, how to pick a topic for a personal narrative. I then modeled creating a graphic organizer. The students will be copleting their graphic organizers for independent work.

As the students worked independently on the above assignments, along with reading group work and any unfinished work, I met with reading groups. WE also took a break for lunch and recess.

Bears: WE reread Jonathan Buys a Present. Then the students marked the problem, events and solution with post-it notes in the book. Finally, with some help from me, they used the post-it notes to write about the plot in their RRJ.

Tigers: They received a new book and previewed it prior to meeting with me. When we meet we will review any unknown words and read the book together. They need to reread it for homework.

Lions: Read chapter 3 and added an event to their story map. They also completed a vocabulary activity independently. When we neet in group we will discuss the quote, If at first you don't succeed..." We will also begin reading chapter 4. Students will need to read chpaters 4&5 for homework.

We will end the day by running chromatoraphy tests on different markers. TOmorrow we will use the results to "solve" a crime.

Remember that Book Reports are due MONDAY, OCTOBER 26!

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