Wednesday, October 14, 2009

An Exciting Surprise!!!

In math we practiced reading double bar graphs. Then the students worked on creating another single bar graph while I met with a small group to work on subtracting three digit numbers. For homework students are expected to finish their bar graph and the subtraction worksheet from yesterday. There will be a quiz tomorrow and it will require the construction of a single bar graph.

During reading the entire third grade was honored with a visit by a published children's author, Mrs. Joan Wyatt. She happens to be a family friend of a student in my homeroom. When I found out she was in Damascus, visiting from England, I asked if she could pop in and discuss her experience as a writer. Within an hour, she arrived!!!

It was a wonderful, enriching experience for our children! I was thrilled that she agreed to come talk to our grade with no preparation time...literally I got an e-mail at 9:30 and by 11:15 she was speaking with our students!!! How lucky!!!

Following PE, lunch and recess the students returned to class to work on reading group assignments, their writing graphic organizers and some other language arts activities. I met with reading groups and Mrs. Hepner worked with students on their writing.

Bears: Reviewed contractions and identified examples in Jonathan Buys a Present. Then separated the contractions into the two original words.

Tigers: Identify clues to the mood in Trip to Freedom with post it notes. Then we will compare and contrast the mood changes from Vietnam to America.

Lions: Reread chapters 4 &5 draw a picture of how Ben sees Gully...use the textual clues to help! We will then discuss the two problems that tie into the theme and add them to our story map.

We will end the day by using our results from yesterdays chromatography experiment to identify the pen used in a crime!

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