Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday...a beautiful start to the week!

In math we reviewed some challenges from the quiz on Friday. We spent time writing numbers in standard form when given the expanded form. We also practiced solving three digit subtraction problems with multiple regroupings. We began by working in a whole group using white boards. Then some students returned to their seats to work independently while I met with a small group at the back table. All students need to finish the worksheet for homework.

During our whole group reading lesson we reviewed some text features that are commonly see in non-fction text. Then we used the book Life in the Rain Forest to identify text features and their use on a chart. As part of their independent work the children will choose a non-fiction book and work on a similar chart.

In writing we discussed the importance of word choice in regards to getting the picture we, as writers, have in our head, into the head of our readers. For example, instead of I have a pretty is better to say I have a lilac colored dress with sequins on the bottom.

Then the students got into small groups and given a bland word (such as; go, said, good...) they used books to discover other words that authors use instead. In their groups the children began creating posters of these new words. For example, the group who had the word said found exclaimed, called and yelled.

Following art, lunch and recess the students will work in reading groups, work on their writing with Mrs. Hepner and work independently on reading and writing assignments.

Bears: We will begin reading a new book and practice high frequency words and new vocabulary from this book. They need to practice reading the book this evening.

Tigers: We will bnegin a new book, Hot Air Henry. THe students will read the book and mark the story elements with a sticky note. They will reread the story for homework.

Lions: I was hoping to begin a new novel, Different Dragons, but was a bit disappointed with their RRJ entries from last week where they were supposed to exaplin what they thought the author's message was in the book. So we are going to review the answers that the students wrote and, as a group, improve upon these responses. Then the students will rewrite their own responses for a score.

ALL GROUPS...word study homework is due that is part of their homework each day this week!!!!

We will end the day with a social studies lesson. I will read the story Big Green Pocketbook and, as a class, we will identify goods and services in the story.

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