Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Terrific Tuesday!

This morning, in math, we went over each problem in the unit 1 review packet. PLEASE make sure your child uses it to prepare for the assessment which is TOMORROW!!!!!

In reading we continued with our main idea lesson from yesterday. We reread the chart we created that listed our background knowledge and the big ideas from the text. Then we noticed connections within our chart and ideas that "popped out" at us. These we listed on the chart in our "after reading" section. with the use of all three sections on our chart, we were able to identify the main idea.

Next, several students shared their paper bag book reports...again, all were excellent!!!

Then we went to the computer lab where we continued working on word processing skills using Microsoft Word. We practiced changing the font, inserting a picture and using spell check. We also learned how to copy, cut and paste within a document and change the margins.

Following lunch and recess we will work independently and meet in small groups. Many will conference on their personal narrative writing piece with Mrs. Hepner or me, too.

Bears: Reread story and identify the plot elements using post-it notes...a continuation of yesterday's lesson.

Tigers: We will reread up to page 23 and write a prediction in our RRJ...we did not do this yesterday since only one member of this reading group was in class. :-)

Lions: Will finish their RRJ from yesterday and meet in group to discuss the changes in the book.

TO end our day, we will review social studies vocabulary that we have used so far this year, and identify examples of the terms from THe Big Green Pocketbook.

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