Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hump Day

This morning, in math, we used data to create a line plot and to determine the median (middle value), mode (most frequently occurring value) and range( greatest value subtract least value). For homework there is a subtraction worksheet. We will have a quiz on Friday and our unit 1 assessment will take place towards the end of next week. Look for a review packet on Tuesday.

We began reading by finishing Whale Rap and listing the important information that was discovered in the text. Then the students sorted their -ea words according to the sound that the pattern made in the word. Finally, we complied a class list. Tomorrow students will choose words for their individual lists.

Following PE, lunch and recess we will work independently and in small groups.

As part of their independent work, the students chose a book to preview. Then they thought of 2-3 questions about the book. After that, they read the book and identified important and interesting information from the book.

Also, the students continued working on their writing with Mrs. Hepner. Those who were finished with their rough draft circled 3-5 transition words and starred any powerful words in their rough draft.

Bears: Reread their book and discussed the message in the story. Tomorrow they will write about the message and use support from the text.

Tigers: Worked on writing about the plot in their RRJ. When they got to small group it was apparent that identifying the problem and events was a struggle. We discussed some of the plot but tomorrow we will continue to discuss the plot (as opposed to a retell). Then the students will rewrite their BCR in their RRJ.

Lions: Reread chapter 10 and read chapter 11. They completed a vocabulary activity independently. When they came to small group we discussed the irony in the story.

We ended the day by reviewing natural, human and capital resources. Then we broke down some goods into a production equation. For example: A ring = gold and diamonds + jeweler+ special tools. The students will complete a production equation worksheet in class tomorrow.

Remember that book reports are due on MONDAY! Tomorrow is boot day for Red Ribbon Week!

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