Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday

This morning the children got back into their groups from yesterday's word sort and used the book, Venomous Snakes, to make changes to their charts.  Then we got together as a class to discuss the changes made and recognize how this entire process improved our comprehension of what we read.

After that the students got into small groups and used their story maps to practice telling their story.  This was a rehearsal to help them get their thoughts in order and make writing their rough draft easier.  I explained to the students that when they tell a story they should have a video in their head.  Their goal is to get that movie into the reader's minds using specific, descriptive words.

In math we began calculating elapsed time.  I taught the students to draw a number line to identify the answer.  There is a worksheet for homework but it is not due until Friday because we have Field Day tomorrow.

After math, the class went to PE since we didn't have it yesterday.  Then they enjoyed lunch and outdoor recess.

After recess the students wrote the beginning, middle and end of their realistic fiction piece and finished reading the Venomous Snakes book while I met with reading groups.

Crabs:  We read the afterward and the author's note at the end of The Year of the Panda.  We also discussed the author's message.  The children handed in the book at the end of the group.

Lions:  The students made "help wanted" posters looking for a friend.  The characteristics listed on the poster were to reflect one of the characters from the book Gooseberry Park.  We will share these posters and try to identify the characters based n the description used on the poster.

Bears:  We began reading and discussing the final chapter of Bunnicula.

We ended the day working in small group, using the text Aztecs, to complete gathering information for our research project.

Don't forget...Field Day is tomorrow!!!

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