Wednesday, May 2, 2012


This morning during our reading and writing block we tackled the concept of inference.  We began by looking at photographs and noticing what we naturally infer, without written words. Then we read the story The Great Kapok Tree, a fantasy with a message about saving the rainforest, and stopped periodically to discuss inferences that could be made by using the author's written word and our own background knowledge.

After that, I modeled writing a bio poem using a planning worksheet.  A bio poem is a short biography in the form of a poem.

In math we practiced making change by subtracting money.  While the students worked independently, I met with a small group to review fractions of a set.  Mrs. Benson pulled a small group who struggled with the regrouping aspect of subtraction.  There is a making change worksheet for homework.

After math, instead of visiting the computer lab, we had a science lesson.  The students took notes on diagrams of a honeybee and a brassica flower regarding the interdependence between the bee and the plant.  Then the students used hand held lenses to observe the parts of the bee and flower that were identified on the diagrams.  Finally, the children used their bee sticks to cross pollinate the flowers.

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students worked independently on their bi poem planning sheet.  Then they read an article, in the April issue of the National Geographic, about the Titanic and completed a follow up comprehension worksheet.  I met with reading groups.

Lions:  We began reading chapter 17 in group.  For homework the children need to finish reading chapter 17 and answer the question, "Why is this chapter called The Wonders of Technology?" on a sticky note.  BUT...they were given some time in class to begin their homework, if they wanted to.

Bears:  We began reading chapter 5 and discovered that a blight is a disease that kills plants.  For homework the children need to finish chapter 5 and explain what Chester's "act" was on a sticky note.  BUT...they were given some time in class to begin their homework, if they wanted to.

Crabs:  We began reading chapter 5, in group, after reviewing the titles for they wrote for chapter 4 yesterday.  Tonight, for homework, they need to read pages 32-39 and identify the bad news on a sticky note.

We ended the day with a much needed class meeting.

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