Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday...Staging our Plays

This morning my reading class worked in their small play groups and rotated through three stations, or tasks.  These three activities included; staging their play, completing their props, costumes and materials lists and finishing their scenery sketch, and reading through their play working on inflection and fluency.

In math we practiced identifying coordinates on a grid by creating a mystery picture (a kite).  The important things for students to remember is that you go over to the first number and up to the second.  For example, (2, 1) would be going over to 2 and then up to 1.  I taught them two tricks; you need to walk OVER to the stairs before you can walk up the steps OR O (for over) comes before U (for up) in the alphabet.  There is a coordinate graphing worksheet for homework.

After math the students went to art, lunch and outdoor recess.

After recess, my reading class continued working on their plays.  They practiced staging the play and running through their lines.  Additionally, the groups began working on their scenery.

WE will end the day with the children using the iPads to publish their Aztec brochures.

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