Wednesday, May 9, 2012


This morning we began a short novel study of the fantasy book Flat Stanley.  Today we previewed the book and used textual clues (chapter titles, pictures, etc.) to make predictions about chapter 1.  Then we wrote the actual events after we read the chapter.

After that, the students had a chance to share a topic from their realistic fiction topic list they created yesterday.  As a group we discussed what actually happened and what could have happened, paying special attention to the problem and solution in their "story".  This was a rehearsal to help them get their ideas straight before writing their piece.

This afternoon, their independent work will include completing a planning sheet for their writing piece and using a new WOW word (hasty) in a cartoon.  They will also catch up on any unfinished work.

In math we continued using Hands on Equations to solve for unknowns.  There is a division worksheet for homework.

After math we continued the social studies lesson, on culture, that we began at the end of the day yesterday.  After finishing their posters in small groups, each group had a chance to share their ideas with the rest of the students.  Next, the students were given an informational piece of text defining culture and its importance.  There were two focuses of this lesson; one was to identify what exactly is meant by the term culture, the other was to learn how to properly highlight text.  So, as we read through the article, we highlighted important information using the headings as our guide.

After enjoying lunch and outdoor recess the students worked independently on their writing planning sheet and their WOW worksheet.  I met with reading groups.

Lions:  We reviewed the pronunciation and  meaning of the unknown words they listed for homework last night. 

Bears:  We attempted to use context clues to figure out the meaning of the unknown words they listed for homework for chapter 7 last night.

Crabs:  We shared and discussed the titles the students wrote for chapter 7 for homework last night.  We talked about the main idea that tied this lengthy chapter together AND the reason why the author might have included the arrival of an injured panda towards the end of the chapter.

We ended the day by finishing reading and highlighting important information about culture.

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