Monday, May 21, 2012

Rainy Monday

This morning I was in a meeting, in the building.  So, Mrs. Benson led my reading/writing block.  The students reviewed the characteristics of a summary and how summarizing can improve reading comprehension.  Then they used the notes we took on Friday, regarding the important information on how people put out fires, to write a summary of that section.  Students who finished early either completed the final draft of their realistic writing piece or read silently.

In math we began the sixth and final unit.  The focus of this unit is measurement...of all things, not just length!  So, we began by creating a chart in our math journals naming attributes we can measure and the tools and units used to do so.  After that we reviewed telling time to the 5 minutes.  There is a worksheet for homework practicing this skill.

After math the students went to music and then enjoyed lunch and indoor recess.  This afternoon we will be treated to the chorus' production of Annie Junior.

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