Thursday, May 3, 2012

Final MAP-R Testing

This morning, during our reading/writing block, my entire homeroom took the final MAP-R assessment for this school year.  The MAP-R is the self adjusting reading assessment that is given on the computer 3 times a year beginning in third grade. 

To say that I am proud of my student's efforts is an understatement.  YOUR children worked so hard!!  I could see them using strategies, including going back to the text, reading all of the choices and then double checking their answer.  THIS is why I come to work each day!!!!  Using their strategies paid off, too!  Most students really showed a lot of growth!!!!

In math we practiced adding and subtracting money.  While the students worked independently, I worked with a small group practicing subtracting money that included a lot of zeroes!  There is a money worksheet for homework and we will have a quiz tomorrow.

After art, the children enjoyed lunch and outdoor recess.

When the students returned from recess, they had time to finish unfinished work from the week while I called reading groups.  We did take a short break to visit Mr. Vogel's room.  Mr. Vogel's reading class has been working with Mrs. SPiradopolous' class doing a research project, involving the Ipads, about volcanoes.  They did a SUPERB job!!

Crabs:We discussed the bad news from last night's homework and then read the rest of chapter 5 to discover the good news.

Lions:  We attempted to discuss last night's homework explaining why the chapter was titled, The Wonders of Technology".  Unfortunately, several students didn't do the assignment and others seemed confused.  We will reread the chapter, in group, on Monday.

Bears:  We discussed what Chester's act was. ..he was acting like a vampire to warn the Monroes about Bunnicula.

The day ended with the children cross pollinating their plants.

I will be out of the building tomorrow.  No blog until Monday!

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