Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Friday!!

This morning we completed our reading of Flat Stanley.  We continued to make predictions before reading each chapter.  Predictions, whether right or wrong, help readers stay focused and improve their comprehension of what they read.  After reading each chapter, the students took notes on what actually happened.

Before going to math, the children had a chance to finish any unfinished reading/writing assignments from this week.

We began math with Mrs. Benson conducting our regular warm up while I met with a small groups to review mixed numbers, fractions on a number line and subtraction involving money.  After that, the entire group continued solving for unknowns using Hands on Equations.

Before going enjoying lunch and recess, the students visited the media center.

After recess, Mrs. Howard joined us to do a lesson about careers.

We ended the day with a social studies lesson.  I introduced a research project we will begin on Monday.  The students will be using different resources, including books, iPad apps and the Internet, to learn about the Aztecs.  After gathering information and charting it on graphic organizers, the children will present their new knowledge is a slide show or brochure they create on the iPad.

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