Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hump Day

Yesterday, as part of their independent work the students had to read 5 pages in the book Fair Day USA and respond to 3 comprehension questions.  This book is a level N which is considered below grade level.  I used a book with somewhat easier text to ensure the students could read it with ease and therefore concentrate om demonstrating their understanding in writing.  Across the board, the students did not do well.  So this morning's lesson centered around how to answer comprehension questions completely using the text and making sure all parts of the questions were addressed.

After that, the children worked with a partner to revise and edit their rough drafts.

In math we finished going over the unit 5 review packet.  Then we practiced problems similar to those on the review packet that provided the most challenges for the class.  Tonight the students are expected to use the review packet to prepare for the unit 5 assessment which we will take in class tomorrow.

After math, the students met Mrs. Rose in the computer lab.  They had their media time today because Mrs. Rose will be busy with Kindergarten orientation during their regular time on Friday.

Following lunch and recess the children finished reading Fair Day USA and completed a follow up worksheet.  They also completed the revising and editing of their rough draft with their partner.  I met with reading groups>

Bears:  We reviewed new vocabulary from chapter 8.

Lions:  We finished reading chapter 18 in group.  Then the children partnered up to reread on their own.

Crabs:  We started to meet but ran out of time.  :-( 

We ended the day with the students working in their groups, suing the text Aztecs, gathering information for their research project.

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