Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Book Fair Preview Tuesday

This morning we reviewed strategies that good readers use to monitor for meaning as they read.  These included thinking about background knowledge, making and verifying predictions, reading with a purpose and determining the author's message.  Then the students used these strategies to read and comprehend the book Fair Day USA. 

First, we had a brief discussion to share our background knowledge about fairs.  Then students listed their own predictions in their RRJ.  After I set the purpose to read, the students listened to verify the predictions they had made.

Next, I used actual student rough drafts (with permission from the children) to model revising our writing.  I pointed out what was done well and how to add the necessary details that will help the writer create an accurate picture in their readers' minds.

After completing our warm up and going over the homework in math, we visited the book fair to create a wish list.  When we returned to class we began going over each item in the unit 5 review packet.  We ran out of time, so we will finish this tomorrow.  There is a division worksheet for homework.  Our unit assessment will be on Thursday.  A completed and corrected review packet will come home tomorrow.  Students should use this to prepare for the test!

Following PE, the children enjoyed lunch and outdoor recess.

When they returned to the classroom, the children revised their rough draft, read a portion of the Fair Day USA book and completed a follow up worksheet independently.

I met with each reading group.  During our small group time, the students read their rough drafts, received feedback from me and had time to revise their writing on the spot.

We ended the day by working on our Aztec research projects.   Today we visited Mr. Vogel's room and used the Ipads to access the Internet.  Students accessed bookmarked sites and continued to add information to their graphic organizers.

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