Friday, May 25, 2012


The children had a blast at Field Day yesterday!  Thanks to all of the parents who helped make this day so successful! 

We started our today today by taking our final spelling test for third grade.  These will be scored and returned to the children by the end of the day today.  After that, we reviewed the spelling packet and the children had a chance to ask questions and correct their own mistakes.

Next, I introduced the structure of plays.  Over the next few weeks, our class will be working in small groups to perform plays.  They will not be expected to memorize the text but will need to read their lines fluently and with proper inflection.  They will also be responsible for staging their play and creating props, scenery, and costumes.  I have done this with my reading classes for the past three years and it is always a fun way to end the year!

In math we continued to calculate elapsed time.  I reviewed the strategy of using a timeline with the class and then showed a similar idea using a t-chart.  After my lesson, the children worked independently on a follow up worksheet, while Mrs. Benson and I helped students who were struggling.  Then the students went to anchor activities.

After math, the students visited the media center.  Then they enjoyed lunch and outdoor recess. 

Mrs. Howard visited our homeroom following recess.  She continued her career unit with the children.

We will end the day by exploring the options we have to present our research using the iPads.  Students will use the Keynote app to create a brochure.

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