Thursday, May 10, 2012


This morning we continued reading Flat Stanley.  We made predictions before reading each chapter and then checked our predictions after.  Additionally, we discussed the underlying humor in the story.  All of this helps to strengthen comprehension as we read.

After that, students had the chance to share the ideas they wrote on their writing planning sheets yesterday.  We focused on a strong beginning, middle and end.

This afternoon, while I meet with reading groups, the students will construct and complete a chart showing the beginning, middle and end of their writing piece.  Then they will read the article titled, "Living Colors" in their National Geographic and complete a comprehension multiple choice worksheet.

In math the students used a price list to complete word problems involving money.  Then they went to anchor activities while I met with small groups.  My fist group practiced placing fractions and mixed numbers on a number line.  The next group practiced multiplying 3 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers.  Finally, the last group practiced subtracting money and making change.  There is a basic facts division worksheet for homework and we will not have a quiz tomorrow.

Following art, the students enjoyed lunch and outdoor recess. 

After recess, the students worked independently while I met with reading groups.

Crabs:  We reviewed vocabulary from chapter 7 and summarized chapter 6.

Lions:  We began rereading chapter 18 and discussed what Kona's "heroics" were (saving Stumpy).

Bears:  We reread chapter 7 and began discussing the chapter.  We are going to revisit a few ideas on the last page of chapter 7.

We ended the day by threshing our seeds from our plants and recognizing that one plant produces MANY seeds.

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