Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday...and a plead for help!

Mr. Lee is in desperate need for more parent volunteers for Field Day on Thursday, May 24.  If you have a couple of hours of time to give, PLEASE let us know!!!!

This morning we began by having the children's spring portraits taken.  If you didn't order pictures today, you will have a chance to order them online at a later date.

Before going to pictures, the students had the chance to cross pollinate their plants.

After the pictures, the children proceeded to their regular reading/writing classes.  In my class we read the story Big Anthony and the Magic Ring.  The students will reread the story this afternoon and identify the beginning, middle and end, as well as, clues each section gives about the author's message, on a chart provided for them.  The children will use that chart to identify the author's message in the story.

We also had the chance to review the characteristics of realistic fiction.  Our writing intent will be shifting from poetry to realistic fiction.  This afternoon the students will begin brainstorming a topic list for their next piece using events that have happened in their past.

In math we continued using Hands on Equations to solve for unknowns.  There is a multiplication practice worksheet for homework.

After recess the students enjoyed lunch and indoor recess.

While I met with reading groups the students completed the chart and identified the author's message for Big Anthony and the Magic Ring.  Then they began topic lists, in their writer's notebooks, for realistic fiction.  When they finished those two assignments they completed any unfinished work and read silently.

Crabs:  We continued reading chapter 6 both out loud and silently.  Then we discussed what Dr. Di said to Lu Yi about the baby panda.  For homework the students need to read the rest of the chapter (pages 58-71) and write a title for the chapter on a sticky note.

Lions:  After sharing the technological items that they listed for homework last night, we began reading chapter 18.  For homework, the students need to finish reading chapter 18 and list unknown words.

Bears:  We shared some of the surprises and questions from last night's homework.  Tonight the children need to read chapter 7 and list any unknown words on a sticky note.

We ended the day with students working in small groups making posters that show what the word "culture" means to them.

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