Wednesday, February 1, 2012


This morning we revisited and dug into the concept of mood in literature. This is a challenging concept. We read the story Miss Nelson is Missing and identified the mood at the beginning, middle and end of the story. We also shared evidence from the book that supported the moods.

After that we reviewed the meaning of each WOW word that we have learned this year and learned a new word, sliver (a small, thin piece).

This afternoon while I meet with reading groups the students will identify how the mood changes in Miss Nelson, by answering a BCR in their RRJ. They will also create a cartoon for the word sliver. Finally, they will practice identifying statements as either fact or opinion.

In math we learned about 3 different types of lines; parallel, intersecting and perpendicular. The students worked on a practice worksheet in class and have a follow up worksheet for homework.

After math we went to the computer lab to practice our keyboarding skills using Type to Learn 3.

Following lunch and recess the students worked independently while I met with reading groups.

Bears: We shared the titles they wrote for chapter 7 and discussed Sarah's internal battle of whether she should stay or go back to Maine. For homework tonight the students need to read chapter 8 and write a title for it. They also need to explain why they chose the title.

Lions: We reviewed the unknown words from last night's homework and then reread and discussed chapter 6. Tonight the students need to reread chapter 6 (working on fluency) and then identify their favorite character in the book and explain why.

Crabs: We shared and discussed the students new title for chapter 6. For homework tonight they need to read chapter 7 and list unknown words.

We ended the day with a class meeting where we shared compliments for one another and then I discussed the importance of putting effort into school work.

Report cards are coming home today in your child's home folder.

We will be going to the media center tomorrow NOT Friday...this week only.

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