Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sunny Wednesday

Thanks to Mrs. S, we all enjoyed a FABULOUS Valentine's Day party yesterday!!

In reading this morning we dissected one of the practice MSA BCRs that the children completed last week. We identified and defined key words in the question and then underlined important details in the text that would help us answer the question. Next, I modeled using that information to compose a good answer.Then, we created a checklist of what was needed to write a great response. Finally, we looked actual student response samples and determined what score they should have been awarded and why.

After that, we looked at another BCR that the students answered during the practice section last week. Again, we identified and defined key words in the question and created a checklist of what was needed in a great response. Then the students used what they had just learned in my lesson to construct a response to the question.

In math we defined circles as shaped whose center is the same distance from every point on the figure. We also learned that a radius is a line segment from the center to any point on the circle. Additionally, a diameter is a line segment that begins on the circle, passes through the center and ends on the circle.

While the students practiced using these terms on a followup worksheet, I began working with small groups constructing circles using a compass. There is a symmetry worksheet for homework.

After math we went to the computer lab where the students practiced their keyboarding skills using Type to Learn 3.

Following lunch and recess we read a book about suffixes called Happy Endings. While I met with reading groups the students completed their rewrite of the MSA BCR, read an assigned chapter in their reading groups books and charted words with suffixes, from the assigned chapter, in their RRJS, breaking the words apart into root/base words and suffixes.

Lions: We read and discussed chapter 4. They need to reread this chapter tonight and get a parent signature in their planner.

Bears: We read and discussed chapter 5 in group. Tonight they need to read chapter 6 and list unknown words.

Crabs: We reviewed their suffixes chart in their RRJs. For homework tonight they need to reread chapter 4 and list unknown words.

We ended the day with a short class meeting where we talked about...wait for it...responsibility and respect! Yup, still working on it...but I believe in these children...we'll get there! :-)

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