Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mock MSA - Reading

This morning the students participated in the first of two practice MSA tests. Today's was for reading. On Friday they will take one for math.

I will review the practice test with the students and give them feedback on their BCRs. These test will come home at the end of next week with sample BCR response attached.

After our mock testing session we had a shortened math period. WE reviewed last night's homework. Then I assigned a worksheet for homework and told the students we would have a quiz TOMORROW, not Friday. After that, we reviewed the geometry vocabulary using geoaerobics.

Finally, before going to lunch and recess and after getting over our initial disappointment of not being able to use the computer lab, we settled into a social studies lesson. We discussed and defined the concept of community and shared a few rules that help our communities function safely. Then the students worked in groups of 3 or 4, using an iPad, to create lists of rules they have in their communities.

Following lunch and outdoor recess we verbally rehearsed naming and explaining the benefits of making laws for oil companies to follow in order to keep our oceans clean. Then I modeled writing a persuasive letter, using the planning sheet and the ideas we rehearsed. While I met with reading groups the students worked on their persuasive letter rough drafts.

Lions: We met and discussed chapter 2 of the Doll People. It became clear that this book was a bit over the students' heads. After a brief discussion, we decided, as a group, to begin a new book tomorrow. Therefore there is no homework tonight.

Bears: We met and discussed chapter 1...we practiced using context clues to define the word taunted. We talked about the relationship between Kyle and his father and what "no batter" meant. There is no homework tonight except for the two children who need to catch up and read chapter 1.

Crabs: We reviewed and discussed chapter 1 and cleared up the idea that the "field tips" are not real. Then the students shared their homework from Monday. There is no homework tonight.

Unfortunately, reading ran over and we did not have enough time for a class meeting today! :-(

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