Thursday, February 23, 2012


This morning we practiced identifying and explaining examples of personification (giving human qualities to objects and animals) in June 29, 199 by David Weiner and in poetry. While I met with reading groups the students illustrated examples of personification, read and completed a worksheet about Wilma Rudolph and practiced identifying homophones in sentences.

Bears: We shared the responses from last night's homework and discussed having to make connections between chapters in a chapter book. Then we began reading and discussing chapter 9. For homework the students need to read chapter 9 and respond to the question, "What does Kyle learn from Honsey?"

In math, after reviewing vocabulary specific to last night's homework, I modeled constructing 3D figures using interlocking cubes. Then the students rotated, in groups, between working with Mrs. Benson, working with me and anchor activities.

While working with Mrs. Benson, the children practiced making 3D figures which matched a picture, using interlocking cubes. My first group practiced constructing circles and quadrilaterals given specific measurements. My second group practiced drawing representations of vocabulary from this unit.

There is a worksheet for homework and we WILL have a quiz tomorrow...REALLY! I apologize for last week's mishap! :-)

Following art, lunch and outdoor recess the students met in small groups to share their persuasive writing planning sheet and rehearse what they plan to write. Then we took time to share a few with the entire reading/writing class.

Then the students began writing their persuasive piece and worked on the independent work from this morning. I met with reading groups.

Lions: We shared the captions they wrote for homework last night. Then we reread page 6 and discussed the quote in their novel schedule. For homework tonight, the s=children need to reread page 6 and explain, in writing, in their RRJ, the quote in their novel schedule.

Crabs: We reviewed their lists of unknown words from homework last night. Then we began reading and discussing chapter 6. For homework the children need to reread chapter 6 (fluency) and write and explain a title for the chapter.

We ended the day with students working in small groups of 3 to make one-stringed harps that produce sound.

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