Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

This morning I made the kids work...a little! :-) I had to...can't wasted an entire academic day, right?!?!

SO, during our morning reading block the students completed the final draft of their persuasive letter. I will grade and hand back a copy of this but I will mail the originals to Senator Barbara Mikulski's office.

While the children worked on their letters, I met with reading groups.

Crabs: We reviewed the titles they wrote for chapter 3 last night. Then we discussed the emotions Amber must be experiencing as Justin, her best friend, is about to move away. There is no homework this evening!

Bears: We shared the title for chapter 3 from last night's homework. Then we read and discussed chapter 4. No homework tonight!

Lions: I checked planners for the parent's signature. Then we read and discussed chapter 3. Finally, I reviewed suffixes (word endings) with the class. There is no homework this evening!

In math, after reviewing the warm up and last night's homework, the students worked independently on two Valentine's Day worksheets that practiced basic multiplication and two digit subtraction.

After math we will participate in Jump Rope for Heart. Then we will enjoy lunch and recess and celebrate Valentine's Day with our class party.

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