Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday...scheduling mistake

OOPS! I made a mistake...the change in our media schedule is NEXT week. Hopefully, you received my email this morning explaining the error!

In reading this morning we continued to identify the mood in text. TO begin the lesson, I shared two student samples from yesterday's Miss Nelson BCR. I wanted to point out how classmates were able to successfully identify the mood in the story and use details to support their choice.

After that, we read the story The Pain and the Great One, by Judy Blume, twice. The first time the students listened for enjoyment. During the second reading, the children drew and wrote words that supported the mood in the story. After reading each section in the book, we identified mood choices and shared examples of support from their drawings or word splashes.

In math we took time to review last night's homework. Several students said they had trouble. Therefore, I went over each problem and answered questions along the way.

Then I introduced polygons as flat, straight, closed shapes. Each students received a chart depicting polygons and 3D shapes that is expected to be stored in their math section and used as a resource. They may need to use this sheet to complete their homework tonight.

Students must memorized that pentagons are 5 sided figures, hexagons have 6 sides and octagons have 8 sides.

As mentioned above, there is a worksheet for homework.

Following art, lunch and outdoor recess the students worked independently on a BCR about the mood in The Pain and the Great One. They also fixed their spelling in their RRJS and caught up on unfinished work.

Reading Groups
Crabs: We reviewed their lists of unknown words and discussed chapter 7. Tonight they need to read chapter 8 and answer the question, "Did you enjoy this book? Why/why not?".

Lions: We shared their favorite characters from Stay Away from Simon (last night's homework) and I collected their books. I passed out their next book, a fantasy,, titled The Doll People. We read and discussed the prologue. For homework tonight they need to read chapter 1 and list unknown words.

Bears: We reviewed their titles and explanations that they wrote for homework last night. Tonight for homework they need to read chapter 9 and answer the question, "Would you recommend this book to someone else? Why/why not?".

We ended the day by electing a start student for the trait of responsibility.

I will be out of the building tomorrow. So there will not be a blog post!

Have a great weekend!!

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