Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rainy Wednesday

This morning we reviewed the idea that when you respond to a BCR you need to answer the question asked...not write a summary or retell the story. Then we identified what our latest BCR is asking and found support int he story to use in our answer.

While I met with reading groups the students answered the new BCR and then continued reading Should There be Zoos? and identifying pros and cons to add to their capture sheets.

Reading Groups
Lions: We reviewed their homework from last night. Unfortunately, not all students answered both questions and some forgot their materials. Students who forgot their materials were asked to leave the group...this is becoming a recurring problem. After discussing the homework questions we began reading and discussing chapter 4. For homework ALL students must read chapter 4 and write notes about the think about it questions.

In math the students took the unit 4 assessment. We will begin unit 5 tomorrow. This is a BIG covers fractions, money, equations and probability. WHEW!

Following math we went to the computer lab to work on our keyboarding skills using Type to Learn 3. Then the students enjoyed lunch and indoor recess.

After recess we continued reading Should There Be Zoos and adding to our capture sheets. Today we also had time for some great discussion and to define new concepts such as symbiotic relation ship.

While I met with reading groups the students continued their independent work from this morning.

Reading Groups
Crabs: We discussed last night's homework, what Amber realized about best friends. For homework tonight the children need to read chapter 9 and write and explain a title for that chapter.

Bears: We shared last night's homework and made the connection to the beginning of the book. For homework the students need to read chapter 12 and write 2 questions. They can either be questions they are wondering about or questions they want their classmates to answer.

We ended the day with a class meeting about making good choices.

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