Monday, February 27, 2012

Bright and Sunny Monday

This morning we read a new story called "The Pudding Like a Night on the Sea" and we discussed inference as it related to the text. We also discussed the importance of reading and understanding what a BCR question is asking.

Then, while I met with reading groups, the students underlined important information, in the text, that they would use to answer the BCR. They also answered the BCR. After that, the children completed a homophones practice activity.

Reading Groups:
Bears: We read and discussed chapter 10. After group, the students used the thesaurus to identify three synonyms for the word crucial on page 60. Tonight they need to reread chapter 10 and tell what Kyle reveals to Nate (on page 61) and why they think he did that.

After our math warm up we took a few minutes to identify right angles in a picture. Then the students rotated through math groups. One group worked with Mrs Benson identifying faces, edges and vertices on sold figures. Another group worked with me practicing illustrating vocabulary specific to this unit on white boards. The final group went to anchor activities to independently practices math skills.

There is a worksheet (identifying right angles in a picture) for homework. We will review for the unit 4 assessment in class tomorrow. The students will take the assessment on Wednesday.

Following music, the children enjoyed lunch and outdoor recess.

When they returned to class, we began reading persuasive text called Should There be Zoos. The children are filling out a capture sheet, charting arguments that are "for" and "against" zoos, as we read this text. They will eventually use this information to write a persuasive paper either for or against zoos.

The students continued the independent work assignments from this morning, while I met with reading groups.

Reading Groups:
Lions: We began reading and discussing chapter 2. For homework they need to read chapter 2 and explain, in their RRJ, what Kona likes about his friends.

Crabs: We began reading and discussing chapter 7. For homework the children need to read pages 57-61 and explain why Amber says she is never speaking to Justin again.

We are ending the day with a visit to our school's science fair!

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