Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hump Day

Our reading block this morning was SO productive!!! :-) We began by creating a class checklist for the BCRs we answered yesterday. Then we reviewed homophones. Finally, we had a brief discussion about Black History month and the importance or knowing and appreciating the obstacles and achievements of those who came before us.

While I met with reading groups the students used the class created checklist to edit and revise their BCR. They also completed a homophone activity in their language arts book. Finally, they read a brief biography about Harriet Tubman and answered comprehension questions about it.

Bears: We shared the titles they wrote for chapter 7 last night. We also discussed which titles showed comprehension of their reading assignment and those that didn't. We used the text to support our ideas and also engaged in some meaningful discussion. For homework tonight the children need to read chapter 8 and explain the sentence on page 49, Why should I believe HIS call?"

In math we reviewed the vocabulary pertaining to the description of solid figures; edges, faces and vertices (corners). Students practiced identifying the number of faces, edges and corners of various solid figures and then went to anchor activities while I pulled several small groups. In the small groups, the children practiced constructing circles and quadrilaterals with given measurements. There is a solid/polygon identification worksheet for homework.

Before enjoying lunch and outdoor recess, we went to the computer lab. The children used Type to Learn 3 to practice and improve their keyboarding skills.

After recess we revisited the art of persuasion. Students shared times they persuaded their parents to get a special privilege such as staying up late. Then we thought of different commercials and advertisements and identified the methods used to persuade people to use or buy their product. Finally, the children thought of their favorite place to go and completed a planning sheet to persuade others to go to that place.

While I met with reading groups the students worked on the planning sheet, as well as the other assignments from this morning.

Lions: We reviewed last night's homework. Then we began reading and discussing chapter 1. The students need to do a lot of rereading...we need to improve their fluency. Please make sure your child is reading every night!! Tonight for homework the students need to reread chapter 1 and write a caption for the picture on page 5.

Crabs: We shared the titles the students wrote for homework and had a great discussion after hearing one student's work!! Tonight, for heomwork, the chidlren need to read chapter 6 and list unknown words on a sticky note.

We ended the day by handing out and reviewing the packet for the sound project that is due at the end of March. We also sseleceted a new star student.

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