Monday, February 13, 2012

Marvelous Monday

This morning we spent time analyzing a BCR question to determine what the question was asking. We underlined and circled key words and identified their meanings. After that, the students highlighted or underlined information in the text that would help to answer the BCR. Finally, the students worked independently to answer the BCR.

During math we spent time reviewing symmetry and congruency. The students worked independently on a practice worksheet and then went to anchor activities which included the use of the iPads. I worked with two small groups; one focused on place value and the other identified lines of symmetry. There is a worksheet, for all, for homework this evening.

Following music, the students enjoyed lunch and outdoor recess.

This afternoon while I met with reading groups, the students completed their BCRs from this morning and worked on individual reading group assignments.

Bears: We read and discussed chapter 3 out loud. After that, the students added the word hearty to their vocabulary section of their RRJ and used the thesaurus to find synonyms. Tonight they need to reread chapter 3 and write and explain a title for that chapter.

Lions: We discussed the problem in chapter 2 and rehearsed a summary of that chapter several times. Then the students returned to their seats to write a summary of the chapter in their RRJ. For homework, all students must reread chapter 2 and get a parent signature in their planner. Any students who didn't finish their summary in class must do so for homework.

Crabs: We discussed the problem in chapter 3. Some students could clearly identify it, while others had a difficult time. Tonight the students need to reread chapter 3 and write and explain a title for this chapter.

We ended the day with the students working in their small groups, using the iPads, to identify rules that good citizens are expected to follow.

OUr Valentine's Day party will begin at 2:15 tomorrow. Please feel free to join us if you can!

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