Wednesday, May 25, 2011


This morning in math we continued using coordinate graphing to create a picture. While the students worked independently, I met with a small group to practice adding an hour and 15 minute increments to given times. Mrs. Arul pulled a group to practice calculating elapsed time. There is a calendar worksheet for homework.

Our reading block began with the students rereading the May issue of National Geographic and competing a comprehension worksheet. Then the students got into their play groups and did a read-through. After that, they continued working on scenery, props and costumes. I checked in with each group and listened to the Phoebe group read.

All students need to red their part and get a parent signature in their planner for homework.

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students will go to PE. When they return we will discuss yesterday's compliment sheet they felt as they wrote their compliments, as well as, how they felt when they read their own sheet.

Then we will watch a video about the life cycle of plants.

My reading class WILL perform their plays on Friday, June 10 at 11:30 in our for invitations coming home later this week.

Also, Mr. Lee still needs parent volunteers for field day!

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