Thursday, May 26, 2011

An Inviting Thursday

This morning in math we determined the volume of figures by both counting cubes and multiplying length x height x width. The students worked with me in a small group on this skill. When not in group with me, they worked on an elapsed time worksheet. Mrs. Arul pulled a small group to give additional help with the worksheet. Mrs. Papalia also pulled a group to work on adding given increments of time. There is an elapsed time worksheet for homework. There will NOT be a quiz tomorrow!!

We began our reading block with a writing lesson focusing on the format of an invitation. The students then created invitations for their families for our upcoming class plays. Look for these tonight! You can RSVP via e-mail or a short note...e-mails and notes that are directed to the students will be shared out loud with the class. This is always fun and exciting for the class!

After they finished the invitations, the students met in their groups and read through their play and worked on the scenery, props and costumes.

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students will visit the media center. After that, they will meet Mrs. Howard in the computer lab for another lesson that supports her career unit.

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