Tuesday, May 17, 2011


In math we tackled capacity. The students learned to identify the capacity of a container and to identify the amount of liquid in the container. They also used "GallonBot" to begin memorizing the various capacity conversions.

While the students worked on independent practice activities, I met with a group to practice calculating elapsed time. Mrs. Arul worked with individual students to identify the capacity of containers.

For homework, some students need to complete their classwork. All students have a capacity worksheet.

We began the reading block with the students browsing through the 3 plays I chose for our class. They then ranked their preferences, on a sheet of paper, as to which play group they would like to join.

Then we investigated the structure of a comic. We learned to identify speech balloons, panels and gutters. We also recognized the different ways that trade books, plays and comics communicate dialogue. This led us into identifying the correct punctuation for writing dialogue in sentences using quotation marks and commas.

While I met with a group to practice the correct usage of to, too and two AND assigned students to play groups, the students completed a to, too and two worksheet, read a comic and wrote two speech bubbles using correct punctuation.

All students have a to, too and two worksheet for homework. When they complain, tell them to think of it as spelling or reading! LOL!

Following lunch and outdoor recess we had a class meeting. We exchanged compliments and I shared my thoughts about the class as a whole. It amazes me how much growth I have seen from these children this year!!! Finally, I reviewed timelines and had the students "fix" the timelines they completed on Friday.

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