Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Well, here we go...Memorial Day is behind us, it feels like summer and the children are ready to be done. I keep reminding the students that we are still in school and there is still learning to be done!!

In math we are wrapping up unit 6. I met with my last two groups to work on determining the volume of a figure. Mrs. Arul met with students who needed more practice calculating elapsed time. The rest of the students worked on a practice worksheet and went to anchor activities. There is an elapsed time worksheet for homework. Tomorrow we will review for the unit assessment, which will be given, in class, on Thursday.

We began the reading block by searching for homophones and discussing the different meanings and spellings. After that, I gave some expectations as to how the play groups would begin blocking and staging their plays. Finally, the students rotated through working on props, costumes and scenery, reading their plays and blocking/staging the plays.

There is a homophone worksheet for homework.

Following lunch and indoor recess we had a class meeting. After sharing compliments we focused on the idea of perception...that people percieve things in different ways and we need to be aware of and sensitive to others.

FInally, we watched a movie about Mexico city and began reading text about the ancient Aztec civilization called Tenochtitlan...which is now Mexico City.

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